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League Of Legends nouveaux mode de jeux

08 octobre 2013 à 03:08 Djarool  
Je c'est pas si vous l'avez remarquer le nouveaux mode de jeux lancer par League Of Legends lancer c'est dernier jours:

Tous le même perso je voulais juste savoir les avis d'un peux tous le monde pour savoir ^^

League Of Legends nouveaux mode de jeux

08 octobre 2013 à 09:15 sh3p4rd    
J'ai deja eu la chance de pouvoir y jouer 2 fois

5 ez vs 5 ez et 5 nida vs 5 nida

Le mode de jeu est super marrant, mais ca va plus tarder a se faire fix

League Of Legends nouveaux mode de jeux

08 octobre 2013 à 13:58 Scredz  
c'est pas un mode de jeu lancer par riot mais bien un bug, riot a communiquer qu'il y avait des risque de ban car ces mode de jeu font bug les serveurs, mais entre nous si ils ban tout ceux qui ont jouer a ce mode de jeu ils n'auront plus énormément de joueurs.

Perso j'ai test 5v5 lee sin, asé fun de voir pleins de lee sin voler partout :)

c'est aussi fort probable que dans un futur league of legend inclus ce mode de jeu, vue le nombre de joueurs qui le demande.

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League Of Legends nouveaux mode de jeux

08 octobre 2013 à 22:30 Djarool  
ah merde c'est un beug =P non je rigole sa se voyait mais bon c'est vraie que c'est hyper Fun j'ai test 5 vs 5 Ezreal et 5 vs 5 katarina (bon kata c nul ^^) mais sinon c'est vraiment archi Fun !!

League Of Legends nouveaux mode de jeux

09 octobre 2013 à 14:17 Papa  
C'est pas vraiment un bug, c'est un exploit en fait.

> Pour ceux qui veulent voir comment faire, c'est ici <

Maintenant, est ce que les soucis de serv' viennent de là ...

League Of Legends nouveaux mode de jeux

10 octobre 2013 à 12:30 Scredz  
Plop, bonne nouvelle qui devrais vous réjouir :

a écrit:
Hey All!

By this point many of you have likely heard about the craziness of duplicate champions going on in custom games right now (and for those that haven't, check this video: While we weren't expecting players to be able to play this yet, the response has been pretty awesome so I wanted to pull the curtain back and chat about what this means.

For the past few months, there's been a team at Riot creating original, experimental game modes for players to check out. The duplicate champion mode - we call it One For All internally - is the first mode from that effort we'll be sharing with you in the future. Featured game modes are intended to be unique short-lived experiences that we'll release regularly, and we're really excited by the possibilities. Cycling new modes will let us work with you guys to create new experiences that would have been difficult to do as permanent game features, and it gives us free reign to go mildly crazy. Also, cycling new modes in and out will allow us to keep these things fresh and focused from a gameplay perspective.

One For All will be a great launch mode and, as a designer, my mind's already looking to future possibilities. What types of game modes would you like to see? Our team wants to make this a very open development process, and your feedback will be incredibly important in informing what modes we should pursue and what others should be shelved. We're extremely excited to work with you guys over the coming months, and I can't wait to see what fun, unique experiences we'll be able to create together.

As for One For All... if you couldn't tell, it's currently incomplete and still has a number of bugs associated with it, so we'll be disabling the workaround that allows access to it later this week. That said, if you got the chance to try it (or if you've got some ideas on it), feel free to give us some feedback - and let me know who the OP champions are, so my team can finally win some of our internal playtests!

Contrary to earlier implications, no one has been banned for playing this game mode nor will anyone be banned for playing during the remainder of the time it is accessible. One For All will be making its reappearance before the new year with a bunch of new features (including matchmaking!), so you won't have to wait too long before you see it again.

In the meantime, have fun! Try out Fiddlesticks if you haven't: five Fiddles is one of the scariest things I think I've ever seen. It's just... birds all day.

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