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[Beta-testeur] Age of Empires 2

05 septembre 2013 à 14:55 Kolrik  
Je recherche des bêta-testeurs pour une campagne maya d'Age of Empires 2 The Conquerors (v1.0c) pour les scénarii suivant :

Year 734 - The immergence of Tikal

In 734, the warlike city of Calakmul was trying to oppress the great city of Tikal.
This rival city-state allied himself with two other cities, El Peru and Naranjo, to surround Tikal.
The king of Tikal, Yik'in Chan K'awiil, destroyed the noose of power that had dominated the area. He prevented the destruction of splendid monuments, like the temple of the Great Jaguar, built by his father, Jasaw Chan K'awiil, demonstrating the superiority of Tikal.
He destroyed Calakmul in 736. He destroyed El Peru and Naranjo shortly after. Tikal became the center of the Mayan civilization in 744.

Year 869 - Droughts, riots, and exile

In 869, a terrible drought hit southern Yucatan. There were no rivers near Tikal, it was usually Tchac, the rain god, who had to fill the tanks of the city. But this year, all the tanks were empty and like almost every other city-state in southern Yucatan, Tikal was subject to anarchy. The priests did many sacrifices for the gods but failed to satisfy them, as a result they were murdered. The citizens of Tikal took refuge to the North, incorporating old local cities. The cities of the South were abandoned forever.


Merci d'avance. (Pour ceux qui n'ont plus le jeu, j'ai prévu tout ce qu'il faut, ne vous inquiétez pas)

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[Beta-testeur] Age of Empires 2

05 septembre 2013 à 15:15 JackyMarley  
jusqu'au mois dernier, j'était beta testeur chez micromania, bien que je n'ai pas beaucoup essayé de STR a l'exeption de Starcraft II HotS ! on ne m'a jamais proposé de tester une campagne de AoE mais je suis partant malgré tout faut juste que j'arrive a retrouver mes CD ^^

[Beta-testeur] Age of Empires 2

05 septembre 2013 à 15:33 Kolrik  
Pas de problèmes pour les CD, j'ai tout prévu.
Je t'envoie mon Skype "kolrik_karla".

[Beta-testeur] Age of Empires 2

05 septembre 2013 à 21:52 Kolrik  
Ajout du teaser.