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The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 01:07 Fenrir  
Welcome to The Kitchen! Here you are supposed to use English only to communicate. This topic aims at helping people with their English as well as providing some fun doing so.

Let\'s say there are some rules that must be followed:

The Kitchen\'s Holy rules:

#1:You shall speak English only
#2:You shall respect others just like anywhere else in this forum.
#3:#2 comprehends swearwords like \'fuck\' and so on
#4:You are authorised to use french as long as it\'s about linguistic matters (meaning explanations about English language and so on so we can better ourselves)
#5: You shall not talk about Brian, he\'s NOT in the kitchen.

Let\'s get started:

We\'ll do it the Alcoholics Anonymous way: just give us a few words about yourself, telling your name first, everyone should greet you, I\'m sure discussion will flow of its own doing so, so here I am:


Hi, I\'m Fenrir, and I haven\'t been drinking for about two days... wait... that\'s not what I wanted to say, I haven\'t got no problem with alcohol, I\'m rather a videogames addict in fact =p I played Infamous 2 for a few hours, it seems reaaaaaally good!

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The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 02:11 Disparu  
Roh... So good ^^
Great topic, thank you Fenrir ! God of wolves !
I\'m Jexalt or JEXXX (I\'m prefer JEXXX) and I hope I will perfect my english language control on this topic.
So please. If you have a better control of this language than me, don\'t hesitated (I\'m not shure about this word so I will just say :) You can tell me, here, or in some privates messages, what are my language\'s errors /faults in order to help me to bring up my capacity to speak and write in english ^^

And what more can I say... ?
I also love video games ! I currently played to the Xbox 360 at \"Castelvania : Lords of Shadow\" !

And I hope that I will be able to speak english very very well because I would like to live in America, on the west coast, some years or months. Maybe just some months at first, in order to see if I like the place. And perhaps, in a futur which is far away, lived permanently in Los Angeles, or some other city in California which has a beach ^^

That\'s why I want to train (mince comment on dit s\'entrainer ? je suis pas sûr pour train...) myself to speak english !

PS : comment on dit \"là-bas\" ? \"here away\" ? (nan ça m\'étonnerait que ce soit ça...)
Bref, Help me please XD

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 03:13 Zilum  
Jexalt, you can say \"over here\".

Well, what can I say about me.
Hmm for the last few month, I was quite busy and couldn\'t really see anyone from Paris. That\'s sad no? Haha not really! \'Cause I got to see more people! Discover new lands, lose myself in the beauty of the everglades, getting bitten by mosquitos, walk around some really pretty island, away from everything!

Maybe after spending 4 month in a frozen country, one may want to spend some time under the sun? I don\'t know, I\'ll let you judge whether or not one should live all his life somewhere like Finland, Sweden or even Canada.

Hmm anyway, I used to play video games a lot! Now, not nearly as much as I used to but it\'s still fun to gather with other people to play. Maybe one day I\'ll play a mmo again... who knows?

What we have to focus on now is the next convention: Japan expo! it\'s gonna be awesome! I can\'t believe I will be able to go this year! The td in october is gonna be cool too, life changing maybe ^^.
And who knows, I may find love in it. Or maybe I already did?

Oh and please, forgive my poor english... lol kidding.

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 03:51 otak54 tailor is rich

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 04:12 Biboulinet  
Hello everybody, my name is Geoffroy ( a bloody name who no one can say correctly exept in France) but you can call me Bibou, I\'m a gamer since maybe 10 years now.
I never been really good about english courses at the High School, but that was helpfull for the basics, however, i learnt the english language by myself, i used to watch tv shows or movies in english, and this is one of the best way to learn english, i used to play online games, so lot\'s of players there don\'t speak french, i needed to improve my english, and the solution was to speak to them.
At the moment, i\'m living in Scotland since maybe 5 months now, at Edinburgh, one of the best cities i\'ve never been, it\'s so beautiful and \"friendly\", France is nothing compare to there.
I met so many cool and nice people.
I went to scotland because i stopped my studies last October because i did\'nt like what i\'ve done. So now i learned a lot ( like some proper scottish word , like: \"aye\" who means \"yes\" or \"ye\" who means \"You\", or Brae, kirk, posh etc... , i really improved my english, and i\'m happy to come back in France next month.

I won\'t be at the Japan expo, but i\'ll probably come next year, with my W40k Space Marine outfit.

I was happy to indroduced myself, i hope seeing new comments, cya !

ps: SCOTLAND !!! FREEDOM !!!!!

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The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 06:58 Benny  
There already is an \'English language\' topic

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 09:50 Fenrir  
Erf, i missed it benny... whatever, this topic\'s title is way cooler than anything done before, this simple fact gives this topic full legitimacy for existing.

I\'m glad to see I\'m not the only one who likes to speak english! It\'s rare enough to meet french people who do, since we\'re living in one of the worst countries as far as english language is concerned. I dunno if you noticed that, but -in france- speaking more than one tongue is like being pretentious, french people tend not to use the correct accent even if they know how to use it because it feels like bragging about one\'s knowledge to do so. maybe it\'s also about fearing to look ridiculous... to be judged.

I dunno who said that so I can\'t really quote but here what he/she said:
\"speaking more than one tongue is living in more than one universe.\"

It sums it up very well. ^^

also, welcome in the kitchen everyone! take a sit, there are cookies in the oven, filling the air with a delicate sent of chocolate and biscuit, milkshakes everywhere, and cookie dough in the freezer. (yeah, I do like cookies very much.)

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 09:57 Disparu  
Nice job...
That\'s so cool to get out of the bed at the morning and go to the workplace, and do not have any work to do...

I want to fuck-off myself back to my bed -_-

edit : Fenrir ! I also love cookies .

And... What\'s : \"tongue\" ? >.>
oh, and thank you Zilum, for : \"over here\"^^

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The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 09:59 Phantom    
hi everybody ! what\'s up on morning ??
spend good night ?? too hot !!! summer\'s here \'n we see da\' !!
by the way jexalt ? when \'ll be da\' next evening !!
i\'m in hollidays so i\'m fire up for da\' new one XD
let\'s rock !
there\'s another topic ?? dude whitch one choose -_-\'

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 10:09 Disparu  
Yeah, Mister Phantom...
But two weeks of working yet, and I\'m also in hollidayzZz >.> ! yuhu !

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 10:14 Phantom    
in 2 weeks i\'ll not be in hollidays any more T.T

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 10:22 Disparu  
That\'s life, Mister Phantom... >.>
I\'ll think about you when I will be sleeping into my bed, the 20th (bah mince j\'ai un trou... comment on écrit juillet déjà ? ça se dit \"djullay\" mais...) Juillet >.>

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 10:32 Phantom    
hahahhaha it\'s july ^^
and yup i\'ll be in work mode T.T

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 11:05 Disparu  
Ok, July ^^ thanks
And sorry for my ... \"windshock\" ? XD on the chat, my responsables was coming to me, so I had to close the windows which are not for working^^\"

The Kitchen: English language\'s topic

29 juin 2011 à 11:47 Alea  
Oh yeah, i\'m a true shit in english ! Ok, I go out. >.<\"